9 Kenyan Schoolgirls Killed in Fire

In the early hours of Saturday morning, a fire broke out in a high school dormitory in Nairobi, Kenya, killing nine teenage girls.

According to Kenya’s education minister, Fred Matiangi, the fire was started deliberately. In a press conference this morning, Matiangi had the following to say about the suspected arson:

“Most of the investigations are done and I can tell you unequivocally – I have been briefed by the police – that it was not an accident.”

According to various sources, police in the area have identified significant leads to specific suspects and are confident that these suspects will soon be identified.

Initially only seven girls perished in the flames and ten other were injured. This morning, however, it was revealed that two more girls succumbed to their injuries and passed away.

Last year over 100 schools countrywide were set alight by arsonists over a period of three months. Some sources believe that angry students are behind these attacks, but others suspect parents may be involved.

“We cannot resolve a conflict in a school, or a conflict on the headship of a school, by burning the school,” Matiangi said.

With the unrest in Kenya increasing by the day, the government will need to work together despite the upcoming election repeat and political tension.

Image: A student embraces her parent outside the school, the day after the fire (Baz Ratner/Reuters) [online image] (2017) sourced on 4 September 2017 from http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/kenya-dormitory-fire-1.4273254.