Five Funny Facts You Didn’t Know About Christmas

The festive season is finally here and everyone seems to be relishing in the festive spirit. And while everyone celebrates Christmas and the festive season differently, there are some rather interesting facts about the festive season that you may not have known.

Whether it’s got to do with Christmas trees, reindeer or good ol’ Santa, these are some of the most interesting and funny facts about the festive season.

Christmas trees have been sold in the United States and other Western countries since around 1850. Currently, there are about 21 000 Christmas tree farms in the US. Christmas trees also usually grow for close to 15 years before they are sold.

The first Christmas card was designed by John Callcott Horsley, a British illustrator and was commissioned by Sir Henry Cole.

During the festive season, LEGO sells around 28 sets of their popular building block toys every second.

In the previous century, it used to be a long-standing tradition to tell ghost stories on Christmas Eve.

In Japan, it is tradition to eat Christmas dinner at the local KFC. This is all thanks to a marketing campaign that ran 40 years ago. In fact, KFC is so popular in the country for Christmas dinner, that people have to book their meals at least two months in advance.