Long Wait for Next Game of Thrones Season

The season seven finale of Game of Thrones exploded onto screens in the US on Sunday night. The longest episode yet, clocking in at around 80 minutes, gave audiences everything they’ve been waiting for and more, but don’t worry, there’ll be no spoilers here.

Ending with a dramatic cliffhanger, the question on every fan’s lips is how long will we have to wait until Game of Thrones returns? The answer is disappointing: while season eight was originally estimated to hit screens in 2018, this estimate has now been changed to 2019.

Impatient fans can thank previous production delays, as well as incredible special effects, for this extended delay.

There was just over a year’s wait between seasons six and seven, as production was delayed due to weather. To try to avoid this kind of delay in future, Game of Thrones executive producers have decided to start shooting season eight later in the year.

According to HBO programming president, Casey Bloys: “Our production people are trying to figure out a timeline for the shoot and how much time the special effects take. The shooting is complicated—different continents, with all the technical aspects—and the special effects are a whole other production period that we’re trying to figure out. That is a big factor in all of this.”

While the wait for those final six episodes may prove torturous, fans can find comfort in the prevalent rumour that each episode will be over an hour long. In the meantime, why not put the seven released seasons on repeat? After all, you can never have too much of a good thing. And by good thing, we mean dragons.