Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’ Up For Auction

People are still reeling over the passing of music superstar, Prince, last week and it’s safe to say that anything Prince-related has been skyrocketing.

Everything from his albums, to hit singles to vinyl recordings have skyrocketed in sales.

Thus, it should come as no surprise that Prince’s famous ‘Purple Rain’ jacket has also been put up for auction – and people are expected the bejeweled jacket to fetch quite the pretty penny.

The famous jacket, which Prince wore in his 1984 cult classic film, ‘Purple Rain’, will be put up for auction by California auction house, Profiles in History.

Prince was famously very reclusive, so any kind of memorabilia by the artist is basically unheard of. That’s why it is expected that this jacket will fetch quite a bit at auction.

Joe Maddalena, who is the president of Profiles in History auction house, said the piece is very important:

“…[sic] It’s definitely the most important piece of screen-worn Prince clothing that’s ever come up for auction…This is a signature piece of wardrobe worn from an iconic movie in his most famous role,” he said.

He continued saying that it is even more special because of Prince’s reclusiveness and the fact that none of his costumes had ever been put up for auction:

“…Prince memorabilia in general, it just really doesn’t exist. It seems like he controlled it all…This is the first time ever for something like this, and it might be the only time because the rest of the costumes may be in his (personal) wardrobe,” he said.

The jacket is expected to have an asking price of between $6 000 and $8 000, but Maddalena believes it will fetch far above its asking price.

The auction will take place on June 29th.