Spring Trends 2017: These Are Our Favourites

Spring time is easily the most important season in fashion. It’s the time when designers debut their new, updated point of view, and is the season that gives rise to exciting new trends.

The 2017 spring season showcases a lot of vintage influence, accompanied by new, millennial trends – a mash-up of sorts that results in a fashion-forward, eclectic look.

Here are the top trends set to emerge this spring.

Subtle Ruffles

Ruffles are very feminine and can soften any look. Ruffles in 2017 don’t necessarily mean 1980s ruffles; they are toned down and sleek.

Look out for off-the-shoulder tops with a ruffled trim, or flared capri pants with a ruffled seam or hem.

A big trend this season is to combine the feminine aspects of a ruffled garment with the more masculine aspects of a leather or denim jacket, subtly draped over the shoulder.

Bra Tops

Bra tops are certainly not for the faint hearted.

While they are spot on trend, not everyone will feel comfortable rocking a bra top. To tone a bra top down, consider wearing it with high-waisted culottes or denim jeans.

You can even wear the bra top as an undergarment to a sheer blouse or sweater for an edgy look.


The 90s are back in full swing, which means that stripes – whether they be pinstripe or thick – have also made a comeback.

A striped, fitted shirt paired with a great pair of jeans is a classic, yet fashion-forward look.

Also keep a look out for striped sweaters and palazzo pants which can be paired with a neutral colour.

90s Grunge

Think leather jackets with added, personalised pins and embroidered denim. The trick with the 90s grunge is to remember that less is more.

Refrain from pairing a rugged, statement leather jacket with embroidered jeans or vice versa.

Instead, pick one element that you like from the grunge theme and pair it tastefully with your outfit. Whether that means a studded belt cinched at the waist of your favourite ruffled dress, or an embroidered denim jacket hung over your shoulders, the choice is yours.