Things You Didn’t Know About Alvaro Morata

Here are a few interesting things you may not know about the Alvaro Morata, the Spanish striker who was signed to Chelsea during the 2017 transfer window.

He’s a Romantic
Morata revealed his flamboyant side when he proposed to his sweetheart, Alice Campello. The proposal took place at a show by magician, Antonio Diaz, in Madrid. Diaz told Alice to face one way on the stage and then turn around, adding “this will be the best trick you’ve ever seen”. When she turned around she saw Morata down on bended knee with a ring in his hand.

He Admires Antonio Conte
Antonio Conte convinced Morata to join Juventus in 2014, but took over the national side days before the Spaniard signed his contract. However, Morata admires Conte, stating that he “is the manager who ‘bet’ most on me, without even ever having had me in his team. He knows me better than I could imagine, I’m sure, and that’s important: it motivates you to work hard, train well”. Morata will at last be managed by Conte at Chelsea.

He Has a Good Heart
Sergio Ramos had a ritual where he shaved Morata’s head, hoping it would bring them goals. In 2016 Morata appeared shaven for a very different reason. Turns out that he was doing it in support of child cancer sufferers at the Hospital Nino Jesus de Madrid. He said that, “there were some kids at a hospital that wanted to have the same hairstyle as me, but they couldn’t (due to cancer). Instead of them having my hairstyle, I cut my hair and got their hairstyle”.