Three Closet Essentials

Fashion is a form of art – wearable art if you will. In the closets of fashionistas around the world, you would not only find items that are trending, but also a set of really good basics.

Basics are the so-called ‘uniform’ that you can always depend on. They can be dressed up or down to suit different times of day, occasions, or dress codes.

Use international fashion weeks as inspiration, but make sure to suss out the best basics possible, and base your purchases on these styles.

Here are three classics to stock up on.

1. Button Up Shirt
A button up shirt is one of the most versatile items you could buy. Whether you choose a plain white shirt (the classic look), or a printed version, you will find yourself wearing it a lot. The classic white shirt can be worn as formal business attire by day, and by night add red lipstick and a sparkly necklace.

2. Perfect Pair of Jeans
Although the perfect pair of jeans is hard to find, it forms a very important part of your closet basics. For work, pair slim-fit jeans with a classic white shirt, blazer and pumps. If your workspace is more casual you could even wear a pair of sneakers for the active wear look. Then for the evening, update your look with a pair of heels or wedges.

The style and fit of jeans are also very important. If your figure isn’t suited to skinny jeans, don’t force the look – rather opt for a slim fit. It is important to be comfortable, and look good at the same time. After all, these days, beauty doesn’t have to mean discomfort.

3. Classic Coat or Blazer
Another important piece is the classic coat or blazer. You would need to try on a few styles to find out which one suits your figure best. A coat or blazer in a neutral colour is bound to stand the test of time, and not form part of a passing trend.