Zambia: Cholera Found in Restaurants

Three branches of a fast-food restaurant franchise have been forced to close after testing positive for the bacterium that causes cholera.

The Hungry Lion restaurants, owned by South African retailer Shoprite, were shut yesterday morning in Lusaka, Zambia’s capital.

According to local government minister, Vincent Mwale, health inspectors found contaminated food at all three branches.

The area’s recent cholera outbreak was initially attributed to contaminated water from shallow wells.

It has since been traced to hygiene conditions in the three outlets, and the manner in which employees from infected areas were handling and preparing food.

“We have since had meetings with the management to see how hygiene conditions can be improved,” said Mwale.

Zambian President, Edgar Lungu, deployed the military last week to help fight the spread of the waterborne disease.

Cholera has claimed 51 lives, and infected 2000 people in Zambia in the last few months.