Zambia’s Cholera Outbreak Spreads Fear

As Zambia struggles to contain a cholera outbreak that has killed 50 people since September 2017, cases of cholera in Malawi and Tanzania are causing concern in Southern Africa.

Zambia has taken a number of steps to try to contain the outbreak.

President Edgar Lungu deployed the military last week to support the Ministry of Health, a curfew has been implemented in hard-hit areas, and the start of the school year has been delayed.

Churches have cancelled services as large gatherings have been prohibited, vendors have been removed from the streets and fast-food restaurants found to be infected with cholera have been closed.

However, infections have continued to rise.

According to a local Zambian newspaper, over 120 new infections were recorded in 24 hours.

As the outbreak has spread, killing eight in Tanzania and four in Malawi, Zambia has announced that it will stop issuing passports.

Medical workers in Malawi and Tanzania have been urged to intensify education and awareness campaigns in communities to curb the spread of the disease.